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About the Library

The Toda Public Library consists of 5 libraries (Main library, Kami-toda branch, Shimo-toda branch, Misasa branch, and Simo-toda minami branch).
Each library has different hours,so visit the pages listed above or check the calendar.
All libraries may be used free of charge by all visitors.

Eligible Borrowers

First Time Borrowers

Borrowing Guidelines

Borrowing Procedures

Bring the items you wish to check out aling with your library card to the front desk.
Videos,CDs,DVDs,and cassettes are not placed on shelves,so please bring both the empty display caseand your card to the counter.

Returning Procedures

Book Drop Boxes

Outside of each of Toda's three stations on the Saikyo Line,Toda-Kouen,Toda,and Kita-Toda,
drop boxes labeled"みみずくポスト”(horned-owl post)have been placed for your convenience.
(Please note that videos,CDs,DVDs,cassettes,record album,books with CD-ROM,picture-story books, and oversized items may not be returned via the drop box.)

Searching Materials

Reference Materials

Genealogy Research

Genealogy research material on both Toda city and Saitama prefecture can be found in the genealogy corner of the second floor of the main library.


Materials in the library may be copied only if special care is taken to abide by copyright law.
Some materials may not be photocopied at all,so please check with the front desk on the second floor.

Visually Inpaired Patrons

Audio books and braille maps are available to patrons with visual inpairments.
We will read material for those who wish,and,when copyright allow,we can record books on tape.
To apply,or for more information,please visit the main library.
We also accept inquiries by phone.

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